Keep your finishes looking as good as new.

Maintenance & Care

Cement Finishes are decorative surfaces used for small and large environments: homes, stores, restaurant, retails etc. All these spaces require different types of maintenance & care. Find below Tips & Maintenance guide for best methods of use and maintenance of Cement products and tools required to carry out periodic maintenance. These instructions are applicable for all Cement internal & external decorative surfaces for the purpose of preserving the protection and the aesthetic appearance of the materials over time.

Felt pads
Felt pads should be affixed to heavy or sharp furniture.
Keep surface free of dirt and debris.
Remove spills immediately (especially acid or grease liquids).
In high traffic areas, entrance carpets are highly recommended.
Do not slide heavy furniture or appliances on the floor.
Follow cleaning guidelines and make use of maintenance products.
Do not use a nylon brush.
Do not use a mop.
Do not use harsh chemicals.