An art to Beautifully Crafted Wall Finishes.

Wall Finishes

Discover superb finishes, handmade products and perfect colours for your walls. At Cemtech we believe in creating uniqueness in your home with our range of wall finishes and custom creations tailor-made for our climate and specifications. Be bold with a wide range of colours and designs that will capture attention and refine spaces.

Béton ciré (Cretecote)

Béton ciré

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A 1-2mm polymer based decorative cement coating, applicable on numerous types of supports (i.e wood, concrete, tiles, partitioning etc.) to be applied onto a smooth surface. DATASHEET
Decorative Plaster (Satincrete)

Decorative Plaster

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A 5 to 8mm hand trowelled specialist plaster that creates various textures and effects. DATASHEET
Decorative Coating (Cemcote)

Decorative Coating

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A pigmented, 1.5mm smooth and textured thin film cement-based decorative wall covering which is versatile and durable. It is ideal for internal and external domestic or commercial applications. Can be applied brushed or skimmed. DATASHEET

TPC Paint

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A super durable colourful coating for walls. Being thermoplastic and specially formulated, this coating holds well over fine crazing and hairline cracks to prevent water entering the structure thus protecting concrete re-enforcing. DATASHEET


Low Maintenance

Coated with PU protectives sealers, all our finishes are easy to clean and maintain.


Each application is done by hand by our trained applicators, giving you a unique result.

Easy Installation

Cement finishes can be applied onto various types of surfaces and application times are short. 

Limitless Designs

Create your own masterpiece through our choices of colours, design your own patterns or add inserts of wood, metal or stone to create a unique finish.