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Ventilated Blocks

Made with Premium Materials and with a quest for optimal refinement, our Ventilated Blocks are made to order according to the model and colour of your choice. Popular in the art Deco architecture of the 20’ and popularized in the 50’, these unique blocks are now back in popularity in warm climate areas, they provide a sense of privacy in your home, while adding depth and pattern like no other.

Light passing through from the back side of the wall highlights the block’s unique pattern and adds style and flair to any room. Screen blocks can be an ideal solution for creating privacy for rooms, terraces, garages, pool areas, etc. and its design will keep the air flowing keeping the area cool in hot tropical summers.

Specifications: 190mm x 190mm x 65mm


Important: Ventilated Blocks are made to order - Allow 12 - 18 weeks lead time. Please follow Installation & Maintenance Guide Carefully.