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Floor Finishes

Cemtech brings you the latest in cement finishes, from coloured screeds to micro-coatings, discover our wide range of cement floor finishes and speciality products handcrafted to perfection. All of our products and additives are carefully chosen to adapt to our climate and construction standards. Cemtech offers you tailor-made products and applications to bring your floors to life.

Béton Ciré (Cretecote)

Béton Ciré

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A 1-2mm polymer based decorative cement coating, applicable on numerous types of supports (i.e wood, concrete, tiles, partitioning etc.) to be applied onto a smooth surface. DATASHEET
Decorative screed (Colour hardener)

Decorative screed
(Colour hardener)

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A 20-40mm screed floor finish, hand applied for a unique look and feel, to be applied onto a concrete base. DATASHEET
Polished concrete (Polishcrete)

Polished concrete

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A 8 to 15mm Polished concrete Overlay, with outstanding performance and durability. DATASHEET
Concrete Stainer (Cretestain)

Concrete Stainer

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Stain concrete surfaces permanently with colours and give unique colours and effects. DATASHEET

Decorative Overlay

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RenoCrete is a pre-coloured spray-on cementitious based polymer modified 2-part concrete resurfacing system DATASHEET


Low Maintenance

Coated with PU protectives sealers, all our finishes are easy to clean and maintain.


Each application is done by hand by our trained applicators, giving you a unique result.

Easy Installation

Cement finishes can be applied onto various types of surfaces and application times are short. 

Limitless Designs

Create your own masterpiece through our choices of colours, design your own patterns or add inserts of wood, metal or stone to create a unique finish.